Welcome to FireVictimRelief.com a resource site developed by TechXpress to raise support for the victims of the Southern California fires.

Over the last week fires have scorched over 728,000 acres of California land, killed 20 people, and destroyed over 3,000 homes. By some estimates, these recent fires may be the most expensive disaster to ever hit the state of California. With over 7 fires still burning out of control these fires will undoubtedly cause the uprooting of thousands of families and the temporary evacuation of hundreds of thousands more. While it may seem that San Luis Obispo County is far removed from the devastation of the fires, nearly all of us know someone who has been deeply affected by this catastrophe. The Salvation Army has reported that there is a great shortage of supplies to help care for these displaced people.

With that in mind, several local businesses including Meathead Movers, TechXpress, Left Coast T-shirt Company, SLO County Passport and Law Offices of Jeffrey Stulberg have teamed up and volunteered to organize the California Fire Donation Drive. This on-going effort will focus on collecting emergency supplies and money needed in Southern California. Donation drop off centers will be established in various locations around San Luis Obispo County. Meathead Movers will then volunteer their time and trucks to transport the goods to the fire ravaged areas. T-Shirts, donated by Left Coast T-Shirt Company, will be sold to raise money for the Red Cross who will be directly supporting the victims. This website, donated by TechXpress, will serve as the information hub of this event as well as a portal for online donations with all proceeds flowing directly to the Red Cross.

Please help our Southern California neighbors
and donate supplies or money today!!!

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